Skin diet: A little effort into the lifestyle and dietary choices goes a long way when it comes to supporting gut health and skin, especially during the wedding season.

The great Indian wedding season is all about celebration. Not to forget the wide spread of greasy, oily and lip-smacking delicious food. From golgappas and chole bhature to gulab jamun and ice creams, it is difficult to hold yourself back from relishing these yummy delights, isn’t it? While these dishes take our taste buds on a joy ride, excessive consumption leads to health issues, symptoms of which first surface on our skin. 

Here’re Diet Tips For Healthy Skin:

For Puffy Eyes

Apply frozen cucumber slices to your eyes for 10 minutes to get rid of the puffiness. You can also replace it with frozen beetroot slices or frozen green tea bags. 

For Bloating 

Lovneet Batra suggests consuming lemon ginger water 30 minutes after meals to prevent bloating. Water infused with coriander seeds also does wonders for bloating. Soak a few seeds of coriander in water overnight, strain them in the morning and gulp it down. Also, avoid carbonated drinks.

For Constipation 

It is difficult to keep a tab while relishing the yummy spread at weddings. The oily, spicy, and greasy food may often lead to stomach issues, constipation being one of them. A small bowl of yoghurt and flaxseeds (roasted and powdered) can keep the gut healthy. You can also drink 30ml of amla juice mixed with a glass of water first thing in the morning. 

 For Fatigue 

If you feel tired, the first thing Lovneet Batra listed down is to “fix the sleep schedule.” Make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours to wake up fresh. Regular exercising is essential. “Take out at least 20 mins for exercising and add foods like banana, sprout, salad, nuts, oats, coconut water” in the diet.

 For Glow:

Glowing skin is all we need during the wedding season. One fruit that can help in achieving that attention-holding glow is the pomegranate. The nutritionist explained that the high level of Vitamin C in the fruit helps achieve healthy and radiating skin. 

Swear by these beauty hacks to look your absolute best, this wedding season.

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