Here’s How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair Problems

Everybody desires to have thick and long hair, but excess use of hair styling tools as well as chemical-based hair care products poses a serious threat to hair. There are also many other lifestyle-related factors which contribute to weak and dull hair. One of the major reasons behind the problem is the use of the wrong shampoo and the harmful chemical compounds in hair care products. The shampoos available in the market generally contain a higher pH level than that of hair. This causes the hair to lose its shine.

If you are also facing such problems, then the use of coconut oil can help you. Coconut oil is beneficial for hair as it contains lauric acid and antioxidants. The coconut oil also helps to maintain the pH level of hair. Sodium lauryl sulphate present in coconut oil acts as a natural cleanser for the hair. Coconut oil provides deep nourishment to the hair making them strong, soft and shiny.

Uses of coconut shampoo for healthy hair

For shiny, strong and silky hair, coconut shampoo should be used. According to Stylecraze, the pH level of hair is 3.7 and most of the shampoos available in the market have pH levels of 5.5, which proves to be harmful to hair. Using coconut shampoo can benefit your hair and will maintain the pH level of hair. You can also massage coconut oil mixed with aloe vera for smooth and healthy hair.

How to make coconut shampoo at home

Take 1 cup coconut oil and a little aloe vera gel. You can also add essential oil to this mixture for fragrance. Mix all the ingredients and apply them while massaging the hair in circular motions. Massaging the scalp with this mixture will remove dirt. The blood circulation to the scalp will also be improved. Leave this mixture on your hair for 20 minutes and wash it with cold water. If the hair looks oily, you can use apple cider vinegar or mild shampoo to wash it.

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