Bhagyashree ( Indian Actress) Talks About Tangy Tamarind And Its Many Health Benefits 


  • Bhagyashree is an open advocate of healthy living.
  • She balances well between her healthy diet and rich indulgences.
  • Recently she uploaded a video talking about the many benefits of Imli.

No matter how old or worn down we get with time, some things instantly ignite child-like happiness in us. Ice-creams, candies, and chocolates have the power to invoke those feelings, whether we admit it or not. Tamarind (Imli) is another such food item that instantly transports us to summers in our childhood when we would constantly munch on these tangy treats. Actress Bhagyashree took to Instagram to explain why we must include more raw Imli in our diet in today’s time. In her recent Instagram video post, the actress talks about the many health benefits of Imli.

 Bhagyashree starts off by reminiscing her childhood days when she would constantly suckle on these raw Imlis plucked right from the trees. Enlisting its health benefits, she says that Imli is chock full of many nutritional values. It has a great amount of Vitamin C, which is known for its immunity-boosting powers. It is also loaded on Calcium and Magnesium, which are both a boon for bone health. It is also brimming with Vitamin A and iron.

Bhagyashree has evolved as a food and health influencer, and her many Tuesday sessions are thoroughly enjoyed by her fans and followers. From health tips to talking about must-include nutrients in our diet, the actor is an advocate of leading a clean and healthy life. Recently, she spoke about the importance of zinc in our diet. She informed us that zinc is a mineral that doesn’t naturally occur in the human body and hence we need to consume it in good quantities. 
The sight of these tangy tamarinds is making our taste buds tingle! We are off to find a fresh batch, what about you? Would you be increasing the consumption of Imli after knowing its many health benefits.

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