Love is sweet

Why is love so painful? Yes! have you thought about it? You love someone so dearly and affectionately. You give your life to that one person who is so close to your heart. Love is sometimes complicated too. If you are loved by someone, you feel blessed. But, if there is no love, you still crave that love you deserve to get. So, the issue is if love is there or not, it’s a problem.

So, my worry is, does anyone know the meaning of love? I fear no one knows the meaning or you just act as you are in LOVE. Love can be defined in many ways. It can be expressed in many ways. E.g. If a man cooks and cleans home for his lady, he shows his way of expressing his love for his girl. But, if a girl does the same, society thinks it’s her duty towards her family. But the job is the same, but you are identified by your gender. So, I strongly feel the meaning of love should be the same for both genders. Love is beautiful and one should respect and give space to each other. Love needs to be unconditional. Love cannot be imposed on others. Its mutual admiration. Both male and female needs to acknowledge the presence of each other. They should equally take the responsibility and divide work. Expenses should be borne by both if the lady is working. But if she is a housewife, she addresses home and other chores of her family.

In a relation, if there is no appreciation, the essence is completely off. Learn to appreciate the smallest things about each other. Learn to shoulder each others responsibilities. A lady feels more secured when her husband support her dreams coming true. She feels very confident and walks keeping her shoulders high. So, love can be coined in many ways. As am writing I can set so many examples of being loved or showing love. The term LOVE is so pure it doesn’t have to be SEX only. Yes! it can drive the relation to many extent as both feel the need of it. Mutually agreed sex can be really good for mental health. But forced sex can drive the woman’s mental health to disaster. Understanding each other is a plus point for any good relation and love stays between them.

As you grow older and see your children growing older, your love, should bloom with time and age. After being in marriage for many years, both the man and woman know each other’s faults, weakness and of course the love between each other has doubled many a times with time. Then, the same love after many years turns to a good companionship. You are relaxed and content, accepted partners, gone through thick and thin, walked the path together with many ups and downs. So, you see love is described in many forms. Just not Sex. Enjoy life with each other. Don’t keep fighting as life is too short to keep blaming each other. Love each other and accept the faults of each other and walk the path you have set. Nobody is perfect and dont ty to be perfect too. Sometimes too much perfection is also disadvantage to any relation.

I too have a love marriage. Married for 21 years and a courtship of 4 years. So, people its 25 years in all. I had many ups and downs with him. But we are strong and are still going strong. Still kindling the fire in us and yes we still fight like kids. Nevertheless, we need each others back after all….. What is this LOVE- right ☺

So, continue being in love in whatever way. Just don’t miss out the smallest happiness, madness and the precious time. As we all know, time is money. Well spent time is never wasted.

I don’t know how many would agree to this, but yes! few would smile post reading this article.☺

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