This story is about a young girl who lived in a small village with her father and mother. She was a very beautiful girl and had a desire of studying. Her parents were poor hence they could not afford to teach her or send her to school. She never complained about not going to school.

Every day she would go with her father in search of some work. They hunted for work the entire day but could not get any work and came home without any penny in hand. The father was very sad as he could not provide for his family the basic needs. They would drink kanji ( rice water) or sometimes just drank water and sleep. The small girl was still happy and always dreamt of becoming a collector of her village. She never complained or cried for anything. This made the parents sadder and one day they decided that they get her married to someone who could fulfill her dreams and wishes. But, destiny had planned something else for the young girl. Post doing the chores at home and some fieldwork with her parents, she would quietly sit outside the schoolroom and listen to the teacher teaching. This way she made every attempt not to miss the school and the learnings. One day as she was learning, the schoolmaster caught her for sitting outside the classroom. He took her to the headmaster of the school and complained about her. She added by saying that she was a poor girl and didn’t have the money to join the school. And her father could not afford to pay as he didn’t have any daily work or wages. After listening to the story of the girl, the headmaster decided to enroll her in the village school. She studied hard and decided to change the fate of her parents. Finally, the day arrived when she was the topper of class Xth and the village Sarpanch decided to teach her further. The girl worked hard day and night and finally became the collector of their village.

Soon, things changed for her and her parents. And they no more struggled for food or slept empty stomach. Her parents were proud of her. Then alas! The Sarpanch decided to get his son married to her. The entire village came attended the marriage and blessed the girl and the boy. She became the first lady collector of their village.