How it feels when you are cheated by someone close to you, whom you loved so much, had the faith in that ONE person. Yes! you feel blown out and I suppose the world ends or stops.

This is a story about a gal named Ananya who lived happily with her husband Vinay in a city. They dated for 4 years before marriage and one day they decided to get married. Ananya married Vinay whom she loved unconditionally without knowing who he was. This meant she thought the boy was good and he too loved her. The beginning years of the marriage were good, they happily stayed and spend time with each other. After 3 years of their marriage, Ananya was pregnant and after a few months, she delivered a very sweet and beautiful girl. As years passed by, the baby girl started growing and turned out to be a young woman. Ananya a dotted mother, the wife was very committed to her family and performed the duties towards her family and her extended family.

After many years of her marriage one day, Ananya realized she was not keeping well and her health turned out to be critically bad. At the same time, her husband was having an affair with a young girl. She caught him red-handed and confessed to him which ended in a big fight. She controlled her feelings, she was destroyed. At this point she could only think of coming out of her sickness. Ananya and her husband met several doctors in the city only to cure her. Nobody came to their rescue. They finally decided to cure in a hospital outside the city. Finally after suffering for years, she got treated well and she bounced back to her normal life. Years after years, Vinay kept having affairs and he was always caught by his wife and daughter. Both Ananya and her daughter were dejected by his dirty behavior. Alas! she managed to get things right for her after started working again in a bank.

Not that things were good for her but she moved on in the right direction. As she felt her life had changed she could not see any change in her life. She did her duty towards her family, beautifully raised her daughter and as a parent, they both are doing their duties towards their only daughter.

There are many Ananya’s and Vinay’s in this world. Either they get separated or continue life or move in different directions but still is one.

We all can learn something from Ananya despite not having the best bed of roses, she managed her life, balanced them all. She may be hurt, bruised all the time, but she learned to battle her life and what counts is she is happy.