Women would be impure for the time while she menstruates. In return, Indra granted the boon that women would enjoy sexual pleasure more than men. Menstrual cycle denotes the sin of killing a Brahman. So women are forbidden to see God or indulge in divine acts during that period for its sign of impurity.

Once again Menstruation – a physiological aspect of womanhood is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons

There are several myths surrounding menstruation which in turn have given rise to social, cultural and religious norms that bar women from participating in numerous activities during their periods. They are considered impure and thus restricted from entering the kitchen, temple, touching the Holy Basil, pickles, etc. In many cultures, menstruating women are not allowed to bathe or wash her hair during the first three days of her period. All Hindu temples in India have an entrance restriction for women: they are not allowed to enter during their menstrual period. Taking part in temple rituals requires a state of purity, being undefiled, and (menstrual) blood is polluting.

But I still fail to understand why women have to go through all the NON possibility things in her life. She gives birth, she has to stay away for 40 days as she bleeds. All this needs to be stopped. God has decided to create the woman beautifully but with such disparities, it cannot be acceptable. He never said women should be kept out or probably not to step in any religious places. Such discrimination should not happen. Women have the same right as men enter temples.

So, society needs to change, their thoughts, the way they create the rules for only women, is highly superstitious and unwanted. And this has been followed for years and years and years to come. We are highly qualified & educated. India has reached a level of conquering everything through technology, through aviation, tourism, hospitality industry etc. The youngsters are very sharp minded and today every foreign company has an Indian CEO or CFO leading the team. But India fails with its old myths & certain traditions related to women. If we take the lead and change the system against mensuration, child marriage, giving birth to only male child etc. we would be ahead of all countries with much power in hand.

Hence mensurating is natural, women entering the temple would not cause any problem to GODS or to any LORDESSS. This is GOD gifted to us, we proudly say we mensurate. For centuries, temples and shrines in India have used “tradition” to keep women out, but now women are increasingly fighting for their right to worship anytime and any day

But with the voices demanding women’s entry into religious shrines growing louder, the men of god may not be able to keep women out of places of worship for much longer


Trupti Desai