When you read the tittle, how do you feel? Yes! we get traumatized and feel bad about the fact that your man does not love you or probably not give you the importance in his life

Today I will be covering the facts of life about a woman’s journey about she not being valued.

So what happens when your MAN does not love you?

We all want to feel loved. So when you don’t feel loved by your partner or simply find yourself needing more love in your life or in your relationship than you’re getting, it can feel very lonely, empty, and maybe even hurtful. But the reason you’re needing love right now is not what you think.

It’s very important for a lady to be loved at any stage of her life. May be emotionally or perhaps she needs that constant appreciation from her husband or kids. Once a lady gets married she starts getting adjusted to the new environment. She rings into a new family, new people, new atmosphere. So when she settles down with a new set of people, her journey begins.

Round the clock only to keep up the expectation of her family, the woman of the house sets herself into perfection mode and decides never to fail towards her duty. Her timely engagement with many activities be it home or office, she delivers the best.

What happens next? As years passes by, the love in her life is lost. Yes! its lost. Continuing to perform her duties she tends to forget herself in the bargain. Perhaps ! she doesn’t know that she aint getting the love required. She is too busy with herself balancing being the GOOD WOMAN

This realization hits her once she is in her late 40s.Her kids are now quite older enough to understand things and can handle themselves. She starts thinking what she missed all this years. The pain she goes through is tremendous, not only emotionally but she also feels sexually she was not happy too. She is drained mentally and does not want to accept the fact that all this years being a dutiful mother, wife, daughter-in law she missed being in love. She reaches a stage of menopause. This is the time when women tend to be more frustrated, mood swings, anger issues and feel left out

Now whose mistake is this? Is it the man of the house or the other members? I definitely cant say the man, the woman is equally responsible for bringing herself to this stage. Both, man and woman didn’t realize what they missed being in a relation which they started several years ago. When you are new to each other, you tend to nurture the relation with love. Post kids, they drift apart as they both are busy handling their schedules, duties etc. The man is busy earning money and probably has a better place than the woman. The lady doesn’t realize, she too has a life behind, to love, to live, to laugh, to dance.

Hence ! the man needs to understand his lady. Give her time, help her in the kitchen, get the work divided etc. Appreciate her efforts. Because women are more emotional freaks ( but not weak), they need alot off LOVE to be showered on them. She tends to think alott when there is too much on her platter. She may not retaliate, but definitely over thinks. She tends to hide things and gets emotionally drained easily. She will cry and but will never show her anger towards her family. Her weakness is her strength.

So its important we should not take any women for granted. She needs love, respect and more importantly to understand her mental state. There are many women who are going through a bad mental state as they chose not to speak about themselves and continue to lead the life. They think her family is more important than her problems. For her, her family is everything.

All the women out there, there is no harm loving yourself. If you need love speak to your man. if you wanna have sex, talk to your man- express yourself . Its natural to be having sexual desires. Both man and woman need to love more inorder to make the relation more stronger . At any point of time, if a women feel they aint loved or not being given respect, discuss your problems, voice out – there is nothing like a verbal communication. Don’t suppress yourself and take yourself to a another level. And while you hit menopause, there could be hormonal changes, that again can be challenging for her. I repeat Love yourself, you are indeed doing great. Pamper yourself and never regret a single minute that you have been wasting your time and energy . You are truly beautiful 🙂