Soya keema pav – Dhaba style recipe –  Keema means minced meat. The texture of the cooked soya granules in spices and masala imitates the texture of minced meat. Its very filling and perfect to scoop up with butter toasted bread.

The main thing about this recipe is to cut the veggies like onion and tomato as fine as possible so big bits do not end up in the final dish

Here is the step by step illustration of how to make Soya Keema Pav – Dhaba Style Recipe


Soak the soya granules in hot water for 5 minutes. Drain the water and wash the soya in cold water for 2-3 times. Set aside.


Heat oil in a pan and add in the cumin seeds. For a richer keema, you can throw in some butter for special occasions. Add in the finely chopped onions.


Sauté till the onions are slightly brown. Add in the grated garlic, ginger and chopped green chillies. Sauté for a minute.


Add in the tomatoes and salt. Cover the pan with a lid and cook until the tomatoes are mushy.


Add in the spice powders and cook for a minute.


Add in the capsicum and the green peas. Green peas is optional. If you want a smoother texture of keema, you can omit the green peas. But we love green peas at home. So I have added the same.


Add in the drained keema.


Add in a cup of water and mix well to combine. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for roughly 10-12 minutes till the mixture is thick. Finally its ready to serve with some pavs

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