For all those who have a sweet tooth, the greatest hurdle on their journey to lose weight is to control their sugar cravings. The day may pass by well but at night, the urge to indulge in some sweet treat intensifies. It almost becomes impossible to control cravings, and people end up giving in to them. You may beat yourself up in the morning for this mistake, but honestly, it is not in your hands.

02/7​. Why do we crave sugar?

The desire to have sugar after dinner is mainly due to human biology. Studies suggest that the body’s internal clock increases hunger and cravings for sweet foods late in the evening. Eating food high in calories in the evening may affect your weight loss goal as our body handles nutrients differently depending on the time of the day. Surprisingly, your dinner habit can greatly influence your craving later. Making some tweaks in it can prove to be advantageous when you are trying to reach your fitness goal. Here are some tips that may help.

03/7. ​Load up on low-glycemic index foods

Foods with a high glycemic index like rice, potatoes, white bread could intensify the craving for sweets at night. That’s because food with a high glycemic index spikes your blood sugar level quickly. That is not all, such food items also bring the glucose level down quickly, leading to a crash in the energy and making you crave sugar more. To keep your sugar level in control, have foods with a low glycemic index at night. Include more vegetables and legumes to stick to your weight loss goal.

04/7. ​Keep a check on your protein intake

Low protein intake at night could also leave you pining for sugary food items at night. Protein is an essential nutrient required for building cells. Our body requires 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily to function properly. Besides, protein increases satiety and is digested slowly as compared to fat and carbs. It keeps the blood sugar level balanced and you stay away from sugar.

05/7​ Stay hydrated

It has always been emphasized to drink a sufficient amount of water in a day. Water maintains the core temperature, flush out toxins and takes part in several functions of the body. Low water intake can make you feel famished, confused, irritated and could also increase the craving for sweets. Take 2-3 liters of water in a day. Also, make it a habit to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before dinner.

06/7​.Manage your sleep schedule

It is not only your diet habit that triggers the urge to have sugar, your sleep schedule also has a crucial role to play in it. If you stay awake till late at night or cut down on your sleeping habit, you will crave carbs and sugar. That’s because sleep deprivation increases the production of hunger hormones called ghrelin. To lose weight and avoid sugar, sleep on time and take a rest for 7-8 hours.

07/7​Drink herbal tea

Even by following all the tricks, you are not able to control your craving then fix yourself a warm cup of herbal tea. Tea made with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves will help to get rid of your craving and you will also be able to sleep better. You can experiment with the ingredients in your tea. Just avoid sugar, caffeine and tea leaves at night