While getting a slim and fit body is everyone’s dream but hitting the gym and sweating it out is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a busy housewife or someone who lives alone and hardly gets time for the gym then don’t worry, you can still look fit while doing some basic regular household work. We have come up with some ultimate household chores suggestions that will target your belly fat and help you achieve a flat belly and body.

Mopping The Floor

a woman wearing a costume: household work for body

Performing your daily household chores can help you with burning some extra calories and staying fit. Mopping is a great way of engaging your core, arms, and leg muscles, it gives you the same results as you would want while working out in a gym. Mopping in the back and forth motion also helps you with strengthening your back and shoulder and gives you a stretch in your belly area. However, you need to avoid those mopping sticks and mop with going down on your hands and knees to get the results. Mopping daily for 10-15 minutes can give you equivalent results as any aerobics or Zumba class would do for you.

Dusting Your House

a woman wearing a hat: dusting house targets your belly

Dusting can be a daunting task as nobody wants to breathe in the dust particles and let them sit on the skin and hair. But dusting is one such household chore that engages your whole body especially your core and belly area. You often will have to step up and down on your slaps and areas around your house to clean it. You often have to move sideways, forward and backward motions for dusting the cabinets in your kitchen that keep your body active and moving. The repetitive movement of the body helps it with staying fit and targeting your belly fat vigorously.

Doing Your Laundry

a woman smiling for the camera: laundry belly fat

Washing your clothes with your hands can prove to be another intensive exercise that engages your hands, legs, and core muscles at the same time. Pulling your clothes out from the water squeezing it and spreading the clothes under the sun makes your body move, bent, and stand repetitively. This is a great exercise for burning calories and fat from your body especially from your arms and belly area.

Cooking Your Meals And Washing Dishes

a person preparing food in a kitchen: cooking for healthy body

Cooking your meals is a healthy option as you can always control the amount of butter, salt, or oil in it. Cooking is not only a good habit that ensures you that you are having healthy food but is also a stress buster for some people. While talking about the physical aspect, the effort you have to put while preparing a meal by reaching out for things, chopping, stirring, and sitting-standing all prove to be a great workout session that targets most parts of the body, including your belly area.

Washing your dishes after cooking a healthy meal is also a great exercise for moving your body, although it mainly targets your arms, it also makes you move your belly area too.