This is a story of a girl called Nancy. At the age of 5, Nancy lost her mother and her father took care of her. Years passed by Nancy grew into a charming girl.

On her 18th birthday Nancy’s father decided to surprise her with a birthday party and decided to call all her friends and cousins. As the birthday plans were happening, Nancy decided to surprise her father by introducing her love, George to him on her 18th birthday.

A tragedy happened as she met with an accident and she died. She knew her father would break and would not be able to bare this huge loss. Hence her soul came back home and started staying with her father. She celebrated her 18th birthday and was able to introduce George to her father.

Her father was happy and wanted Nancy and George to get married. Finally they married in a church. Nancy knew she would not be able to give the marital bliss to George. Time had come, she had to leave both her father and husband. She told them the truth. She was happy as she got to stay with her father and got married to her love. Finally she leaves happily

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