There are vast differences between my generation and my daughters’ generations. My daughters generation’s thinking is related to our nation as well as the whole world, but my generation was restricted to their family and native country. Nowadays, we are living in a world that is constantly changing, so we have to adapt ourselves to interacting with people from different generations. Consequently, the differences between our generations appear in three major areas: communication, education, and lifestyle.

 One of the most obvious differences between people in my generation and people in my daughters’ generation is how they communicate. People in my generation are used to connecting with each other almost immediately. On the other hand, people from my parents’ generation are accustomed to writing letters to contact friends that are far away. Furthermore, they like to deal with other people face to face. Youngsters in the new generation spend most of their time chatting with their friends on their mobile phones or chatting online more than doing anything else. For example, if young people want to contact their friends that live in different countries, they usually contact them by using their mobile phones.

In addition, another great difference between both generations is education. Our time we had less opportunity to study, we somehow managed to get a bachelors degree. Also, people in the older generation focused more on working than studying. In the past, only rich people would have the opportunities to study abroad. But todays generation has ample of opportunities and they are definitely exploring without single thought in their mind. Hence todays generation has higher education than the older education. Our government gives scholarship to almost everyone in any fields. This is in contrast with my generation when the scholarship program was only for the people who had a high position in the military.

The last difference between both generation is lifestyle. Todays generation enjoy easier lives. For example, when some young people graduate from university, they may not have to work immediately. They can sit around at home and do nothing because their parents are willing to support them. Furthermore, the younger lot are able to make up their minds spontaneously. They do not have to be concerned too much about their future plans. On the other hand, my generation tended to have harder lives. When they wanted something, they had to work really hard to achieve it. To sum up, todays generation have more comfortable lives than those of older generation.

                 In conclusion, communication, education, and lifestyle are the primary differences between both generations. Each generation has its own unique advantages and drawbacks, but the most important thing is that every generation gives valuable lessons to the next generation.