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Hi, I’m Simmi, a mom of a teenage daughter, passionate about cooking, home decor, gardening, and travel. Thanks for visiting!

Previously, a marketing specialist and became a full-time mother and a freelancer food blogger. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful family, I love writing about my fascination with food, health, and also living a healthy and organized life!

From the blog

Am sure from my blog you will experience various recipes, and interesting articles and am also supporting Mental health & Chronic Kidney disease (CKD)

Am not a doctor but sharing my personal experience perhaps makes me share things with you which might interest your coz I believe sharing is caring

To say further, this blog is definitely about food but I am not stopping there, hence you would see many relatable kinds of stuff. You will enjoy Indian cuisine – primarily. We Indians are rich in culture. Religion wise we have Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jains, etc. We are a very diversified country. We celebrate festivals with different types of cuisines, proudly can say that we have to make foods as per the festive. India also has many languages due to which it’s a pride to share good recipes based on states, cultures, festivals, etc. I want every individual to enjoy making the same in the simplest manner. Women who don’t like cooking must start after seeing my recipes. I use different types of masalas (spices) as we make them at home which is very pure and authentic. The food is not at all spicy – it’s a general myth that we Indians eat lots of spicy stuff, we are very health-conscious people

Come and be part of Forkandbeans. in, be part of my journey. Promise will keep adding recipes with regards to health, weekend dishes, etc., and some articles for you to be on the roll. If anything, you want to know or share pls mail me or comment on the posts, and I will be glad to fulfil the same. Keep enjoying the moment with me, it’s a long way to go. Just keep it going!

Happy Cooking!! Stay Safe, and Stay Home!

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